Rehablitation of facades and terraces of a building in Gijón

Aesthetic improvements and better thermoisolation

New project of rehabilitation of facades and terraces in Asturias in charge of our firm Dolmen Arquitectos.

In this case, the project is born of the need to rehabilitate the main façade of this building, oriented towards the Juan XXIII Street of Gijón, due to the deteriorating state, the chipped and the landslides that are occurring in the outer enclosure. These faults can be a danger to the users of the property and to passers-by.

The proposed option for rehabilitation is a ventilated facade with a porcelain stoneware finish. The cleaning of the support and the removal of loose elements will be carried out previously. In addition, the base to which the aluminium-bearing substructure will be anchored.

The insulation, specific for this type of facades, will consist of a blanket made of mineral-leaked wool, covered by one of its faces with a ZERO fabric that provides protection and mechanical resistance to the tear.

Also, the interior and posterior facades are rehabilitated by placing a thermal isolation system by the exterior (SATE) after sanitation and treatment of the existing base.